Sion bug turns champion into massive tower

The Worldbreaker has never looked so menacing.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player encountered an odd glitch involving Sion that makes the Worldbreaker himself transform into a giant structure.

In the highlight clip, the player can be seen using one of Worldbreaker Sion skin’s animations that sees a large tower protrude from the ground before being shattered by Sion. After the animation was complete, instead of disappearing, Sion became the tower.

Of course, being a massive tower, Sion couldn’t help but dive his enemies to the player’s detriment. Despite looking menacing, Sion wasn’t enough to take out the enemies on his own.

According to a commenter who claims to be the player in the video, this bug occurred thanks to accidentally bonding with Kalista while in Sion’s death passive form. 

“I died at their tower and our Kalista either on accident or purpose put the spear there which I probably accidentally clicked trying to kill someone in passive,” the Reddit commentator Prism0o0 said. “After that I couldn’t use emotes, my hammer was stuck horizontally in my throat and base animation transformed me into a walking empire state building. This went on for some minutes after this vid stops, nothing special stopped it, just went away.”

While a hilarious bug, it’s likely Riot will patch this out shortly so players don’t have to go up against the menacing Sion tower anytime soon. 

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