Shaco support with Smite showcases the power of counterjungling

It's tough to watch.

Image via Riot Games

Mind-blowing strategies and outplays are common in League of Legends. But some players want to try something different, experiment, or simply annoy the enemy team.

A player called ‘the loudest fart’ showcased Shaco support with Smite and Ignite in a post on Reddit. And as you probably already imagine, it’s terrifying to watch.

Naturally, with these Summoner’s Spells, the strategy is to annoy the enemy jungler as much as possible. And the Demon Jester featured in the clip does this masterfully.

The player patiently waited until the enemy team had finished helping their Nidalee with the red buff. Once the monster was low on health, Shaco swooped in, stole it with Smite, and immediately ran to the mid lane. Little did Nidalee know, he was to return again to the jungle shortly.

Having missed out on the red buff, Nidalee went straight for the blue buff. Unfortunately for her, when she was just one hit from claiming it, Shaco stole the monster again.

Nidalee’s teammates tried to take out Shaco at this point. But the player ran, before luring the enemy Ahri to a swift death. Once the dust had settled, Shaco return once again and took her out the Nidalee by himself, causing her to leave the game.

While strategies like these are often difficult to pull off in League, the Shaco player was undoubtedly successful. The champ and his squad won the game in a little over 10 minutes, according to Nidalee never returned.

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