Sett player mistakenly Teleports mid-fight and comes out with a double kill in League of Legends

Nothing personal, kid.

Teamfight Tactics Sett
Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player pulled off quite the unorthodox Insec with Sett.

While using Sett to battle it out in the top lane, the player accidentally used Teleport in the middle of the fray. Despite the error, the player managed to get a double kill, posting the hilarious play last night.

After being pushed a little too far in the top lane, Sett noticed the enemy Sejuani coming in for a gank. The player retreated to the alcove and used the Blast Cone to push the jungler back and give themselves a head start. But Sejuani wouldn’t give up that easy.

The jungler used Glacial Prison (R) to stun Sett while Renekton also closed in. Sett responded with a Facebreaker (E) and Flashed away towards his turret before delivering a devastating Haymaker (W). With the enemy Renekton low and tanking tower, the player wanted to finish him off with Ignite—except he was running Teleport instead.

Sett cast Teleport on a minion behind the enemy Sejuani while Renekton died from tower damage. Hoping to finish off the Sett with a sliver of health, Sejuani also tanked tower. But the Sett’s Teleport finished casting behind Sej and the Boss used The Show Stopper (R) for a next level Insec.

The player remarkably survived the odd encounter and earned themselves a double kill.