Ryze and Nunu players execute the ultimate wombo combo


Image via Riot Games

Both Ryze and Nunu have ultimate abilities that—with the proper set-up—complement each other in League of Legends and allow for a surprise attack that has the capacity to obliterate an entire enemy team.

Beyonnc1, a user on League’s subreddit, shared a video in which his team manages to pull off a combo just like this.

The clip begins in a standard scenario in ARAM. Both teams are gathering their forces in the middle of the Howling Abyss. But one team hesitates and slowly backs up to defend their base.

This is when the wombo combo comes in. Ryze and Nunu are ready and waiting in a brush, waiting for Realm Warp (R) to come off cooldown. Once it’s finally ready, Nunu channels his Absolute Zero (R) while Ryze releases his Realm Warp.

Syndra falls to the hands of LeBlanc before the duo teleport in and execute their flawless wombo combo. As soon as they teleport, Absolute Zero pops and instantly eliminates three players. Qiyana survives the ordeal but is left alone to pick up the pieces.

The wombo combo was glorious to watch, but it surely wasn’t easy to pull off. It must have required timing and skill to land a play of this magnitude.