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Road to Worlds: INTZ e-Sports

A GAMURS exclusive series, taking a look at the 16 teams going to Worlds from the beginning of their qualification and see just how their road to worlds went. Today, we look at INTZ e-Sports, of the CBLOL.

A GAMURS exclusive series, taking a look at the 16 teams going to Worlds from the beginning of their qualification and see just how their road to worlds went. Today, we look at INTZ e-Sports, of the CBLOL.

Giving love to the League

The Brazilian League and the Controversy

alt To know any League outside of the 'furious five' on the European, North American, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese leagues truly is a sign of a hardcore follower. These leagues like the Brazilian one are only known by those who religiously follow them for the most part. However, I feel these leagues, like the CBLOL, which is run by Riot Games Brazil, showcase the heart, soul, and dare I say, fun, of the League of Legends community as a whole. But they still have their own controversy.

INTZ's roster going into Worlds, at the time of writing this, consists of Felipe "Yang" Zhao, Gabriel "Revolta" Henud, Gabriel "tockers" Claumann, Micael "micaO" Rodrigues and Luan "Jockster" Cardoso.

For those that do not know INTZ e-Sports as anything else other than one of the 'two random teams' that took the International Wild Card places in the tournament, allow me to fill you in. INTZ e-Sports is a multi-gaming organization that hails from Brazil (if you couldn't guess that yet) and is one of the two teams to play in Worlds as the wildcard.

The organization started off on rocky terms at the beginning of their 2016 Summer Season with Riot banning INTZ directors from participating in public Riot events for one year, due to violations in the sister teams rule. The team sNk were also suspended.

The Summer Season and Summer Playoffs

Trails and Tribulations

alt The Brazilian league was an avid user of the best-of-two format before Europeans got used to the sight of it, beginning on Jan. 15 just after some controversy, INTZ were left to dwell with a draw with former Wild Card representatives Pain Gaming. However, a different kind of pain was looking to catch up to INTZ.

On Dec. 4, 2015, organizations paiN Gaming and INTZ failed to present their official line-ups for the First Week of CBLoL 2016. The rules of the competition as stated by Riot Games Brazil said that in addition to five members and the coach, organizations must have at least two other players in their reserves to count as a full roster.

On January 22, 2016, both organizations had been informed of such penalties and were found to violate the Regulations of CBLoL and would be penalized. The penalties were as follows;

Deduction of two (2) points on the leaderboard of CBLoL for each individual missing player in their roster.

This meant paiN Gaming were deducted two points and INTZ deducted four points.

As such, in week two, INTZ started at bottom of the table even after a win against their former sister team, Red Canids. With the worst out of the way, though, INTZ went on to have a successful Summer Season, not registering an overall loss throughout the entire season but only managing to come second overall in the group, just behind Keyd Stars.

Thus, in typical League of Legends playoff fashion, INTZ was given the second seed, met Operation Kino in the semifinals and, after what would be an early scare for the team, trounced their opponents 3-1 to move on and face Keyd Stars in the finals. INTZ commandingly won the series 3-0 deficit to head into the International Wildcard Invitational for the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational.

The International Wildcard Invitational 

The loss of potential

alt The International Wildcard Invitational for MSI took the top team from the leagues in Brazil, CIS, Japan, Latin America North, Latin America South, Oceania, South East Asia and Turkey to battle it out for a spot to attend a worlds stage event. In this instance, it would only be the winner who would be getting to MSI and INTZ were one of such teams hoping to make their mark on the worlds stage early.

It would be best-of-one in this format, with best-of-five series only coming in as the final four teams fought it out to decide which team would make it to MSI in China. INTZ did not start well in the round robin, losing the first game to Hard Random (now known as Albus Nox) of Russia. 

The stage would be close knit until the very end with only two teams able to fight it out for that all important space on the MSI circuit, three teams would find themselves being tied for first place, leading to a tie-breaker situation between Supermassive eSports, Hard Random and INTZ e-Sports. Unfortunately, it would be INTZ who would miss out on the chance to fight for that all important place as they lost out to Hard Random, with Supermassive being the one to go to MSI 2016.

Winter Season/Playoffs and International Wildcard Qualifier

One Last Shot to rise to redemption

alt INTZ returned defeated and looking for redemption, after a horrid start to their season and a lot to prove considering the organization's earlier controversy. It would be Operation Kino e-Sports, RED Canids, and Big Gods who were penalized four, six, and 16 points respectively this time at the start of the season for not submitting paperwork on time. 

INTZ would continue on with their impressive regional form and not lose a series (3-4-0) at all once again.With everything to paly for going into the Winter Playoffs, INTZ would once again find themselves in familiar territory as the second placed team in the CBLOL region.

Going into the Winter Playoffs, paiN Gamingwas the team standing in INTZ's way in the semi-finals. PaiN, looking to return to the Worlds stage for a second year in a row, would give INTZ a run for their money as they went to the full five games in the series with INTZ. Gasping for air, battered, and bruised, INTZ made it through to the finals with a shot a redeeming themselves and getting one more shot at Worlds. As if it were textbook, with only one late scare from fellow finalists CNB e-sports club, INTZ took the win and found themselves as Brazil's representatives at the IWQ once again.

This time, though, it would be a different story with INTZ only registering two losses in the group stage. The stage was set as they entered into their qualifying match against Dark Passage. INTZ fans were on the edge of their seats. It was meant to be as INTZ cemented their place into Worlds 2016 after a grueling five-game series to take the final game and break Dark Passage's hearts. The INTZ players redeemed their organization and proved that hard-work and determination paid off in the end.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is INTZ e-Sports "Road to Worlds!"

As we head into Worlds 2016 in North America, we ask you guys which team you are supporting in the competition? How far do you think they can go? Let us know on twitter @GAMURScom.

Adam Newell is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted by email at adam.newell10@outlook.com or on Twitter - @MonkeyKingHero.

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