Riot “working on a fix” for Sion ultimate exploit in League of Legends

The bug seemingly gives Sion more control when using Unstoppable Onslaught.

Image via Riot Games

It appears Sion has mastered the art of drifting.

The latest League of Legends exploit allows Sion to stop and stutter when using Unstoppable Onslaught (R). Streamer Trick2g encountered the bug during his Twitch broadcast yesterday and passed it along to Riot. Gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter responded today, saying it’s a “bannable cheat” and that the devs are “working on a fix.”

The player in Trick2g’s game used Sion’s ultimate and was able to rapidly stop and start again before deciding on tower diving the enemy. The ability typically prohibits players from moving drastically in multiple directions, forcing you to steer the champion slowly. The exploit appears to remove that restriction, though.

It’s unclear if the exploit involves a third-party program and scripting, or if the player is simply abusing a bug. But Scruffy encouraged players to report it, which would lead to a ban for the abuser.

Riot should have a fix for the exploit soon.

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