Riot tweaks early surrender vote to reduce needlessly long one-sided games in League

Preaseason is already looking promising.

Image via Riot Games

Surrendering and remaking games in League of Legends has always been a pain since the surrender vote system has had its flaws. To reduce needlessly long one-sided games where players are held hostage by the surrender mark, Riot Games is tweaking the surrender vote.

Spideraxe, game designer and [email protected] moderator, shared that the surrender vote is finally getting changed. Now, the early surrender time for AFKs is being reduced from 10 minutes to 3:30 minutes. In other words, you’re finally free to surrender the game if a teammate disconnects after the remake window, or if you fail to remake the game in the first three minutes of the game.

There’s no doubt this quality-of-life change will have a positive impact on the game since you won’t needlessly spend 10 minutes of your life on games that are already doomed. This is especially valuable for normal and blind games that don’t affect your LP gains and losses, and your MMR.

On top of this change, Patch 12.21 tweaked how the remake vote functions, moving the start time from three minutes to one minute and thirty seconds, and the window to start a remake increased from 30 seconds to 90. 

Thanks to these small yet extremely relevant changes, we might even see the infamous League toxicity being reduced since no one will ever be forced to play a game that’s obviously decided and one-sided.

This change is expected to hit the servers on Nov. 16 with the preseason. It remains tentative and subject to change.