Riot is testing Fiddlesticks buffs on League’s PBE

More buffs? Already?

Image via Riot Games

Fiddlesticks is receiving tentative buffs in the League of Legends PBE, according to Riot game designer Black “Squad5” Smith

A month after Fiddlesticks was reworked, the champion has shot up to a 52-percent win ratio in Platinum and above—the seventh highest in the jungle position. But in terms of power in the support and top lane positions, he’s lacking.

The upcoming changes to Fiddlesticks will target his passive and his Bountiful Harvest (W) ability. 

If Fiddlesticks casts a spell on opponents while pretending to be an effigy (before being damaged or revealed to be the real Fiddlesticks), the enemy will be feared just as if Fiddlesticks was unseen. But the time for Fiddlesticks to activate his scarecrow pose will be increased from one to two seconds. 

This is a nice little change that fits Fiddlesticks on a thematic level, rewarding smart play and increasing his skill ceiling. Enemy players will have to play around the new passive and be on the lookout. This isn’t a groundbreaking buff, but it’ll add another element to the champion.

Riot is also testing changes to Fiddlesticks’ W to cater to the top and mid lane. The minion damage modifier on Bountiful Harvest will be reduced from 60 percent to 40 percent reduction. In other words, Fiddlesticks will be able to deal more damage to minions with his W, allowing him to sustain in lane.

All of these changes are available to test on League’s PBE. If everything goes according to plan, they’ll be live in time for Patch 10.10 on Wednesday, May 13.