Riot shuts down fan-made League of Legends simulator 2 days after its release

The community is disappointed, but the reason is understandable.

Image via Riot Games

A talented web developer created a detailed League of Legends simulator two days ago that could replicate real match and solo queue games, team ranked games, and various strategies. But no, the developer has revealed that his simulator is being shut down by Riot Games.

“I’m just sad about this and I definitely understand if you don’t want to support me anymore after I cut off all connections to League,” he said on the now-shutdown website. “I don’t want to have problems with Riot Games at all since I personally like them a lot and obviously because it’s their property, so no reason to argue about anything anyways.”

Although many fans are disappointed that such a creative project has been closed, there are plenty of people who understand why Riot had to enforce this rule on the 19-year-old’s website.

“Sure, if it isn’t popular it’s not as big of a deal, but if it gains any kind of popularity it becomes a legal liability if they don’t shut it down,” one Reddit user said. “Makes things like suing League clones next to impossible because [those companies] can point to popular fan-made games using the League IP that weren’t shut down.”

Some people have said that the developer should remake the League simulator without any of Riot’s branding, champions, or rune names and simply call it a MOBA simulator. This way, he can avoid any repercussions from Riot because none of its names and property are in use. But this also doesn’t guarantee that the project will be as popular due to the lack of connection with League.