Riot shares detailed look at League’s new Hextech and Chemtech Dragons

These drakes are game-changers.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Get ready to spread your wings and climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends next year because Riot Games has finally given more details about the new dragons headed to Summoner’s Rift in the 2022 preseason.

Set to make their debut in Patch 11.23, the Hextech and Chemtech Dragons were unveiled to a mixed reception from fans and players alike. The effects of the two drakes will have huge implications on the meta, playstyles, and how people will execute in the later stage of their games.

For the Chemtech Dragon, its regular buff gives a team bonus damage against enemies with more current health, up to a five-percent increase in damage per stack. The Chemtech Soul will give champions a temporary second life, similar to Sion passive, where they’re briefly revived on the spot and can auto attack and use abilities before actually dying.

The effect of the Chemtech Dragon on the map is also a spooky addition for anyone playing squishier champions since it causes gas zones to emerge in four jungle locations. These zones camouflage any champion that steps within and aren’t revealed by regular vision wards but are shown by Control Wards, Scryer’s Bloom, and other tools that reveal invisible units.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Hextech Dragon grants a team attack speed and ability haste, while the Soul dishes out a unique ability that adds a chain lightning slow to basic attacks and abilities, set on a cooldown. The Hextech Soul places pairs of Hexgates across the map that allow players to travel from one gate to its paired counterpart. These gates are activated with a brief channel but can be interrupted by an enemy stun or damage.

Hexgates are huge since they’ll allow teams to rotate quickly and efficiently across the map with minimal effort. It should help teams show up to teamfights or secure objectives and even provide some unfortunate people with a handy getaway—if you’re lucky enough to get the channel off. There are also Hexgates that can set up flank opportunities if you’re able to distract your enemies.

All of these changes are set to hit the Rift on Tuesday, Nov. 17 in Patch 11.23.

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