Riot shakes up jungle meta with big buffs to Lillia passive healing, Wukong’s E monster damage, Karthus’ Q damage, and more in League Patch 12.7

We're getting spicy right before MSI.

Image via Riot Games

With the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational coming up next month, Riot Games is preparing a whole plethora of different changes for League of Legends‘ Patch 12.7. The jungle is seeing a good amount of movement this update, with a few recognizable names getting some significant buffs for their kit.

Lillia, for example, will be getting a big increase to the healing on her passive, Dream-Laden Bough, with the healing ratio going from 12 percent AP to 20 percent AP. Her W ability is also getting an magic damage increase of 10 across every level. This should help her sustainability while clearing in the earlier stages of the game, and might help her viability in pro play.

Wukong, on the other hand, is getting a handful of buffs that could lift his stock in the jungle. His Q ability getting a second shaved away from its cooldown at all levels, and his W ability will be able to go over walls now. His E, Nimbus Strike, will deal an additionally 30 percent damage to monsters, and its AP ratio is also getting a 20 percent increase to boot.

As a result, the Monkey King’s clear should be drastically improved, and his ganking ability will be that much better since he can instantly dash over walls while invisible. Meanwhile, Karthus is getting a 10 percent increase to his Q damage on monsters, which should decrease the amount of mana necessary to clear camps.

Another significant buff was also seen in the bottom lane with Kalista, who will be the recipient of base mana, base movement speed, and attack speed increases. She might not overthrow the current meta AD carry picks like Aphelios, Jinx, Caitlyn, and Zeri, but she could see some play if those choices are unavailable.

League Patch 12.7 is scheduled to drop on Wednesday, April 13.


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