Riot reveals Prestige skin lineup for the first half of 2020

It’s time to save some coin.

Image via Riot Games

With a new year comes a new set of Prestige skins. And League of Legends fans can start saving up for those coveted 2020 skins starting today.

Riot Games gave fans an update on the Prestige system today, explaining the event structure on the League website. But the devs didn’t give everything away, refusing to spoil new unrevealed thematics.

Fans will be able to snag True Damage Senna, along with skins for Zyra and Zoe, using 2020 Prestige Points. And the Event Prestige skins available in the first half of the year will be Mecha Kingdoms Garen, with cosmetics for Malphite and Lucian as well. More Prestige skins will be revealed later on in the year.

Image via Riot Games

League players who pick up 2020 Prestige skins will have an exclusive border to differentiate them from last year’s cosmetics. Each skin will come with its own summoner icon.

Players who unlock a skin with Prestige Points or Event Token will always earn the new border. But those who roll the skin with shards or loot boxes will only get the border and icon if the skin is still available during the event. The cutoff date for Prestige Point skins is Jan. 28, 2021 and when the tokens expire for Event Prestige skins.

With the Mecha Kingdom event launching today, fans can begin accruing 2020 Prestige Points immediately. Players holding on to 2019 Prestige Points only have until Feb. 3 to cash them in before they become obsolete.