Riot reveals plans for Lucian changes, AP mana Mythic buffs, says League Patch 11.13 will be ‘the biggest meta shake-up we’ll see for quite a while’

Change is good.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready, League of Legends fans. Riot Games’ lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu has announced multiple big changes headed to Summoner’s Rift in Patch 11.13, including shifts in power for Lucian and mid lane mages.

“My hopes are high that 11.13 will be a very big patch,” Sidhu said. “Between the Tahm Kench update, new top lane items, mage buffs, and major mobility tweaks, this will probably be the biggest meta shake-up we’ll see for quite a while. Very excited to see how it turns out.”

One of the champions that’s being adjusted in 11.13 is Lucian, who’s been a priority pick in pro play for mid laners around the world. The Purifier is a powerful flex pick that can played in three lanes—top, mid, and bot—but has been a go-to champ for multiple talented mids over the past few patches. Lucian remains one of the lesser-used champions in the game in solo queue, however.

As a result, Riot will be looking to shift Lucian back to the bottom lane by nerfing some of his base stats and early abilities but also giving him new buffs while being healed or shielded by an ally. In addition, the devs are testing out ways to give him more damage against immobilized targets. None of these changes are set in stone, but this is the direction that the developers are going in.

Mages, on the other hand, have been suffering a bit in terms of overall power and player satisfaction, so Riot is lowering the cost of AP mana Mythics by 200 gold. Even though this is a band-aid fix for the moment, the discounted items should still feel good for any champions who require specific item power spikes to keep up with the other champions in the role.

Combined with all the other big changes in store for Summoner’s Rift, Patch 11.13 is set to be the biggest update of the year so far. It’s slated to hit the live servers on Wednesday, June 23, according to Riot’s official patch schedule.

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