Riot releases new Arcane trailer for 10th anniversary of LPL

Prepare to choose a side, summoners.

Image via Netflix, Riot Games

One of the most diverse and exciting regions in the universe of League of Legends has to be the duality between Zaun and Piltover. These two cities exist as polar opposites in the world of Runeterra, and in a new trailer released by Riot Games, these sides will clash in the company’s upcoming animated series, Arcane.

Riot Games released the video for the 10th anniversary of China’s LPL and was available on Weibo and Tencent Video. The new teaser shows shots of both Piltover and Zaun, as a voice talks about how the two cities were once united, but are now divided—yet still remain in a tentative balance of mutual benefits, according to the lore.

Zaun, however, is the seedy underbelly of the region, filled with black markets selling items that were found too dangerous by the world up above. The city is also in perpetual night due to the continuous rise of pollution and chemical runoff, with volatile technology being sold and traded within its shadows.

Piltover, on the other hand, is bathed in golden splendor and sunlight, as a shining mirror of the world below. Known as the City of Splendor, the city’s beautiful buildings and streets give shape to Valoran’s thriving cultural center, where art, craftsmanship, and innovation reign over everything else. The city is continuously growing from its newfound wealth through trade and research and has become popular for this across all of Runeterra.

These two distinct sides might be getting ready to clash in Arcane. According to the voiceover, citizens of Zaun want a better life, while the citizens of Piltover couldn’t imagine a better life. Both sides want to protect and rise for their respective cities, and the voiceover asks which side the viewer will take. Shots of both Vi and Jinx, the two chaotic sisters, appear as they fight for their own cause.

Arcane is one of the most anticipated projects for Riot Games after it announced the Netflix series during the game’s 10th anniversary celebrations. It will offer an opportunity for developers to intertwine the show’s lore with their own in-game events. No matter what, the story looks incredible, and should be a treat whether you play League or not.

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