Riot previews FPX Worlds skins hitting League PBE soon

And they're amazing.

Image via Riot Games

Like the six teams that came before them, FunPlus Phoenix are finally getting their Worlds skins.

Riot unveiled the FPX Lee Sin, Vayne, Thresh, Malphite, and Gangplank skins today, which are “coming soon” to the PBE. The five skins commemorate FPX’s dominant 3-0 win over G2 Esports in the 2019 League of Legends World Championship.

All of the skins boast the typical FPX red, black, and orange hues, with fiery animations. And it appears that some of the skins, if not all, transform from mild-mannered champions into superheroes reminiscent of the Power Rangers.

Lee Sin, for example, transforms into a butt-kicking, masked superhero who shoots out fire. Vayne seems to undergo a similar change when using her ultimate, morphing into a caped crusader.

And to make the FPX reference as clear as possible, Thresh’s The Box (R) features phoenixes at every column.

It’s unclear how “soon” the skins will hit the PBE, but they’ll likely be in the Patch 10.9 cycle.