Riot plans to change up marksman items for League players in 2021

ADCs will have "more strategic choices" for their build paths.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends AD carry players should expect some significant changes in terms of their items next year because Riot Games is giving them more agency and more diverse build paths for the 2021 preseason.

One of the biggest issues for ADCs right now is that they’re usually stuck to strict build paths. They have too many essential items that restrict their ability to make other purchases for unique situations.

In response, Riot will be creating more item choices that can provide marksmen with the baseline level of damage that the role requires, while also giving them the option to diversify their build based on their specific needs for every game, according to Riot’s blog post.

Another big complaint by ADCs is that the role is so team-reliant. Riot does think that this is a “healthy element” for the class since it promotes differentiating strategies and teamplay. The devs do, however, wish to provide tools to ADCs that can help them survive without a coordinated team. These items will come at a cost of their own DPS, though.

The developers also want to push more power into the ADC role after they’ve gotten one item, so that “they feel like a more competitive class” earlier in the game. They’ll still be defined by their late-game carry potential, though.

Finally, Riot is also exploring different item choices to “fill in some gaps” for certain builds. Get ready for a possible AD armor item, spellcaster marksman items, and more next year.

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