Riot Lutzburg: “Not a single person at Riot believes Wukong’s damage is too low”

The champion designer argued in favor of the dev team's choices.

Image via Riot Games

The Wukong rework is almost ready to ship to the League of Legends live servers, but some fans are still unhappy with how strong the Monkey King is in his PBE state. Riot Games’ Nathan “Lutzburg” Lutz adamantly supported the developer’s decisions, however, and said that no one at Riot thinks the champion is lacking damage.

“Not a single person at Riot believes Wukong’s damage is too low,” Lutzburg said, addressing criticisms about the champion’s current form. “I’m sorry you feel that way, but I don’t know what to tell you when 20+ professionals are confidently saying otherwise.”

The general complaints were made by Wukong one-tricks who said that they “don’t even know what ability to max because they all barely do anything.” One player even brought up some nerfs that were sent to PBE, which made the champion “feel awful.”

Lutzburg explained that Wukong’s E cooldown was increased because of his improved gap closing with the new W ability. His stealth was also reduced since players could now dash 350 units at 1,200 speed. As a result, things were balanced as they should be due to the changes in other areas of Wukong’s kit.

Some League fans took shots at the “20+ professionals” portion of Lutzburg’s response, saying that even though they might be pros, these are players who have hundreds of hours on this champion who are also relatively high rank. Others disagreed and said that these one-tricks simply want their own champion to be broken at the release of the rework.

No matter what, players will need to adjust to Wukong’s kit whether they’re facing or playing against him. You can try out the rework on the PBE today.