Riot Korea to take action against illegal Chinese gambling websites that targeted League pros’ solo queue games

Gamblers were sacrificing LP to earn money on Chinese websites.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot Korea is taking severe measures against illegal Chinese gambling sites that targeted professional League players’ solo queue matches, according to a report by Inven Global.

This situation came to light a couple of days ago when multiple LCK and LPL players encountered griefing teammates who intentionally died more than 10 times in a game or threw a big lead. Some Korean League players found a website where people could bet against certain pros and the griefing teammate could make money while sacrificing a bit of LP.

To combat this situation, Riot Korea has investigated more than 10,000 accounts with a rank of Diamond 2 and above that were suspicious of griefing behavior. Riot Korea deactivated those accounts on Dec. 8 to prevent them from breaking the terms of service any longer.

“Intentional feeding and illegal gambling on ranked matches is unacceptable under any circumstances,” Riot Korea said. “We, at Riot Games, will do everything in our power to fully eradicate such actions from taking place.”

A hotline was established on Dec. 9 for all LCK teams who see suspicious activities in their games. If a griefing player is encountered, LCK teams can now report them directly to Riot Korea, who will investigate the claims.

Starting today, a “real-time restriction solution of all unauthorized third party programs” was added. These third-party programs would reduce the ping for overseas players to acceptable levels.

Once the real-time solution has detected a player using one of these programs, they’ll be locked out of their account and it will be suspended, while also allowing other players to remake the game. This process will only take three minutes, according to Riot, giving other players the chance to queue up for another game instead of having to wait for the surrender vote or attempt to win a four-vs-five match.

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