Riot just released a fan art edition of the “POP/STARS” K/DA music video, and it’s perfect


Image via Riot Games

One week after the release of “POP/STARS,” Riot’s original K-Pop-infused song by virtual group K/DA, the music video has reached just shy of 50 million views on YouTube, and the craze appears far from ending.

Today, to add to the pile of steaming fan adoration that K/DA started, Riot released a new music video of sorts for “POP/STARS,” but this one is made entirely of fan art.

The montage of K/DA fan art is sprinkled in between short clips from the original video itself to create a sort of fan art rendition of “POP/STARS.” It’s not exactly a music video, but it’s close, at least.

There is an absolute ton of different artwork featured in the video, but even that is only a fraction of the amount that fans have actually created. The art in the video is all made up of different styles, too, ranging from eastern-style anime-esque art to more western-looking art, as well as whatever you want to consider the art that Sonwooang makes on Twitter (besides incredible).

If you’d like to peruse the artwork at your leisure, rather than to the beat of “POP/STARS,” you can, because Riot also threw together an Imgur album of all of it, too. We doubt that Riot will be putting out another K/DA music video anytime soon, but this homage to the group’s fans should keep the hype rolling for at least a little while longer.