Riot Games details additional changes to Wukong headed to League PBE

Try out these changes while they're available.

Image via Riot Games

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Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot Games’ design director, has revealed more changes to Wukong’s partially reworked kit in Dev Corner blog post. The changes mostly hit the Monkey King’s reworked Q and W abilties, as well as his ultimate.

A week ago, Meddler revealed that Riot was changing up League of Legends‘ resident Monkey King by pushing his kit to “make a bit more use of the trickster elements of Wukong’s theme.” He also said that many of the changes will not be shipping live for a long time and that the kit still requires plenty of testing.

An additional change the team has made is to Wukong’s Q, which now heals the player while dealing bonus magic damage. The ability’s magic damage now has an AD ratio attached, while the base damage has been reduced from 20-100 to 20-80.

Wukong’s W ability was changed the most, as it now spawns a clone that can attack enemy players. There are other changes to the W—Wukong will now dash in the direction of the player’s cursor and can even get through thin walls. The clone that Wukong spawns can also get the E attack speed buff and the Q passive auto attack buff if he has it when he casts the ability.

Meddler also had Wukong’s ultimate cooldown begins right when he casts it, so that the ability can work with the Presence of Mind rune. Players can still cancel the ultimate by reactivating R.

These changes will be available on the PBE for three weeks before being removed.