Riot drops Snowdown 2020 collection in League of Legends merch store

Just in time for the holidays.

Image via Riot Games

We’re only a few weeks out from the gift-giving holidays, and many people have already begun to check off their Christmas shopping lists. If you have a League of Legends fan on your radar, Riot Games just made shopping for gifts this season a whole lot easier.

Riot released a new winter-themed Snowdown 2020 collection in its online merchandise store today, stocked with sweaters, plushies, and collectable trinkets for your loved ones (or for you!).

If you’re looking to bundle up with poros, look no further. Riot added two new sweaters decorated with the fluffy creatures to the store today, including a grey zip-up fleece and a light blue pullover. The zip-up sells for $120, while the pullover sweatshirt is going for $55. Additionally, the collection includes a three-dimensional poro necklace for $85.

It wouldn’t be a complete collection without a figure. The Poro Rider Sejuani XL figure, which costs $37.50, stands 5.1 inches tall and three inches wide. Those who purchase the figure will also receive a free in-game summoner icon featuring the Fury of the North atop her fluffy mount. Fans can also pick up the Ahri Unlocked Statue, which stands 10.4 inches tall, for $75.

Two full-sized plushies have joined the store, including a stuffed Willump and Corgi Corki. There’s also a four-pack of keychain plushies featuring Teamfight Tactics Little Legends Pengu, QiQi, Fuwa, and Jeweled Protector. The keychain plushies stand 4.5 inches tall and 3.4 inches wide and sell for $35 for the full pack.  

Fans can find the full collection on Riot’s online merchandise store.

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