Riot drops Brazilian League caster MiT following allegations of sexual assault

Riot will be releasing the CBLoL's list of casters soon.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games confirmed today that Brazilian League of Legends caster Gabriel “MiT” Souza won’t be a part of the on-air talent for the 2021 CBLoL season following allegations of sexual assault by tattoo artist Daniela Li.

Globo Esporte’s Roque Marques confirmed the news earlier today. A Riot spokesperson said “the CBLoL’s list of casters will be released in the coming days,” but Souza “is not among the talent hired for the championship’s 2021 season.”

Souza is most well-known for his coaching work within the Brazilian League scene with teams like Flamengo Esports and paiN Gaming. Last year, he became a caster for Riot in Brazil’s Challenger Circuit.

These allegations surfaced from Daniela Li’s social media, where she said that posting her story “is one of the most difficult things [she has] ever done in [her] life, but it is something that [haunted her] for years and always comes back, even though [she tries] to forget everything.”

She detailed the alleged assault that occurred about six or seven years ago. They two had met through Tinder and she already knew who he was since he was a coach for one of the biggest teams in Brazilian League.

She eventually said her abuser’s name was Gabriel—also known as MiT—and that she was going to step away from social media so she won’t be affected as much.

At time of writing, MiT has not yet responded to these allegations.

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