Riot details most popular champion-Mythic item combinations in latest dev blog

Samira was the least flexible champion on Patch 11.3.

Image via Riot Games

Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, the lead gameplay designer for League of Legends, detailed the most popular Mythic items for every single champion on the game’s roster in today’s dev blog

Riot explained how its goal regarding Mythic items is for “no champion to choose the same mythic in 75 percent of games.” And while that number might seem flexible depending on the meta, Riot also said it “[doesn’t] think we’ll see 100 percent of champions meet this goal, but we’ll always try to move toward it as we iterate and improve the game.”

On Patch 11.3, 135 of the 154 champions in League reached Riot’s flexibility goals, good enough for a mark of 88 percent of the characters on the roster. 

The most flexible roles last patch were tank and enchanter. Zero tank champions were forced into an item selection and only one enchanter, Yuumi, built a Mythic item more than 75 percent of the time.

“Tanks are the only class with no hard binding,” Riot said. “We were able to move from only 50% to 100% of our goal with both balance changes and some light reworks of the tank mythics to give them more clear and viable niches.”

But while tanks and enchanters were easily two of the most flexible roles in Patch 11.3, the most-balanced champion in the game when it came to Mythic item selections was actually an AD carry: Draven.

Image via Riot Games

“[Marksman] is one of the classes with richest choice options, with many champs seeing significant pick rates on 3 or more Mythics,” Riot said. With five different items being built in at least 16 percent of games, Draven players chose to keep their options on the table in the last patch. 

When it came to playing by the rules and enforcing the meta, mages and fighters were the roles that easily stood out. Six mages and five fighters all eclipsed the 75 percent threshold for lack of variation. 

Riot detailed the main causes for mages being so hardbound as of late. First, “Everfrost is underdelivering on power or appeal,” according to Riot, and “Liandry’s and Luden’s have some of the more ‘kit synergistic’ effects among mythics.”

The least varied champions when it came to Mythic items last patch were Samira, who built Immortal Shieldbow 92.5 percent of the time, and Olaf, who built Goredrinker in 88.2 percent of games. 

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