Riot details balance changes coming to ARAM in League Patch 11.13

Gwen and Akali will be receiving noteworthy ARAM buffs in Patch 11.13.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games outlined several balance changes today that are coming to League of Legends’ ARAM game mode in Patch 11.13. 

Several champions will be receiving buffs in ARAM in Patch 11.13, with notable increases in power coming to bursty assassins such as Gwen and Akali, as well as tanky frontliners like Udyr, Rammus, and Rek’Sai.

Akali, in particular, is seeing a boost to her throughput. She’ll deal an additional five percent damage in ARAM in Patch 11.13, in addition to a five percent damage reduction. Gwen is set to deal an extra five percent damage in ARAM too, while also taking five percent more damage in the upcoming patch. 

As far as the ARAM nerfs go, Camille, Trundle, Zyra, and the newly-reworked Dr. Mundo will all see their damage decreased and damage taken increased in Patch 11.13. Warmog’s Armor will also receive a substantial ARAM nerf in Patch 11.13. The cooldown of its effect against champions will be increased from six to eight seconds in the new patch.

Patch 11.13 will hit the live servers on June 23, according to the official League patch schedule.

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