Riot buffs Akshan just one day after new League champion’s release

Akshan's been struggling and the champion was in need of a minor boost.

Image via Riot Games

Akshan, League of Legends’ newest champion, has only been available to play on the live servers for a little over 24 hours. But Riot is already seeing enough results from the champion to administer some buffs. 

After just one day, Riot is buffing Akshan’s base attack damage from 50 to 52, while also upping his base HP from 530 to 560. Additionally, Akshan’s Avengerang (Q) is seeing its cooldown at max rank reduced from six seconds to five seconds. 

“We’re aiming for a two-2.5 percent buff here,” League’s lead gameplay designer Jeevun Sidhu said. “He’s currently at 34 percent [win rate] and we do expect him to grow a fair amount, but are confident he needed a little help.”

The buffs to Akshan have already hit the live servers in all regions, so players can expect the champion to be a little stronger in their games that feature him. Although the sample size surrounding Akshan is immensely small, there’s still reason to believe that his 34-percent win rate after 24 hours is a good enough indicator to warrant buffs. 

It’s unclear whether Riot has any more plans to buff Akshan in the immediate future, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the champion receive plenty of tweaks and changes over the course of the next few updates. Patch 11.16, which releases on Aug. 11 according to the official League patch schedule, could provide Akshan players with more buffs to the game’s newest addition.

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