Riot has assembled the League Client Strike Team to tackle players’ biggest complaints about the new client

It's the Avengers of Riot's design team.

Image via Riot Games | Remix by Aaron Mickunas

It’s only been a few months since the legacy client was retired from League of Legends, and the new client was officially ushered in. Since then, there have been a ton of new features rolling through in recent patches, like the new honor system, replays, and more.

Unfortunately, amidst these big features, the community has been crying out at the lack of sorely-missed old features, like spectating high elo matches, as well as other new features that simply make a lot of sense to have.

To tackle these issues as quickly as possible, Riot has assembled the League Client Strike Team, a task force that will quickly address the issues and features that the community cares about the most, according to the company’s announcement today.

The goal of this new team is to change a lot of players’ minds about the new client. More specifically, to win them over. Many players haven’t been terribly keen to let go of the old client, claiming the new one has a too many issues and instability, be it frustrating bugs or UX problems.

That being said, prioritization of these issues is going to determine whether or not the task force succeeds or fails. With such a noble goal in mind, they’ll have to fix the right types of issues, in the correct order, to really have such a large impact on the community. For example, if they choose to improve a small visual piece before a Champ Select bug that affects everyone, it will leave things worse than before.

After most of the big issues have been taken care of, Riot will consider whether or not they should keep the Strike Team around at all, but until then, things should begin to improve rather rapidly.

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