Riot’s anti-cheat team just took down a huge scripting provider

Riot dropped the mic by posting a message on the scripting forums, warning them they were about to be banned.

Image via Riot Games

A large League of Legends scripting provider and its community were shut down by Riot this week, according to a Reddit post yesterday. Riot handled the situation with some swagger.

The League developer has been going head first into the war against scripting. Earlier this year, the company won a $10 million suit with scripting site LeagueSharp. This time, however, it handled the situation with finesse. That’s not to say winning $10 million in a court case isn’t finesse—this was just more subtle.

There wasn’t a court case or a big uproar surrounding this one. No, Riot just went in, blew shit up, and left. Phillip “RiotOfPenguins” Koskinas visited the scripting site’s forums, and dropped the mic. In a daunting post on the forums of the scripting site, Koskinas explained that it was time to swing the hammer.

“Starting today, we’ll be accompanying all existing or future [scripting program] subscriptions with a free vacation from League of Legends (lasting just a few centuries),” he wrote. It’s not clear how Riot would know which summoners use the program, but Koskinas didn’t elaborate.

Koskinas confirmed that the screengrab was legit in a comment on the Reddit post. It’s against the League subreddit rules to provide the name of the scripting organization to prevent others from trying to use its tools. So we’re not sure what the website was, but the Reddit post claims it was one of the biggest communities available.

Koskinas has the background of a cheater himself. He once ran a website called Mirage of Penguins, which provided cheats to players of GunZ: The Duel, a first-person shooter released in 2003. The website ran for a few years, but eventually was shut down. The domain “” was turned into a portfolio of sorts for Koskinas, according to Internet Archive. It seemed like his days on Mirage were behind him, and for the better.

Once the captain of a cheating enterprise in the video game industry, Koskinas now puts his talents to use on the other side of the same coin: busting baddies for one of the largest video games in the world. Hey, that would make a pretty awesome movie.

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