Riot kicks off 2022 League ranked season with new cinematic featuring Kai’Sa, Sejuani, Pantheon, Leona, and more

Answer the call.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The Rift is calling you, summoners. Will you answer the challenge?

Riot Games has finally started up the 2022 League of Legends ranked season by dropping a new cinematic trailer named “The Call” featuring some of the most popular champions in the game. Cinematics still remain one of the best ways to drive hype around the climb towards the top of the leaderboards.

Screengrab via Riot Games

In a much more realistic animation style, fans are transported straight to multiple locations across Runeterra as Sejuani, Kai’Sa, Taliyah, Pantheon, Rek’Sai, Leona, and Ornn make appearances. This could also be a hint towards possible lore-related events in the coming year.

Check out the exciting trailer here:

In the video, there are three stories featured with Sejuani and Olaf battling against Volibear and his own forces, Kai’Sa and Taliyah furiously fighting against Rek’Sai and the unknown dangers of the Void, and finally an epic showdown between Leona and Pantheon.

It feels like the lore surrounding Runeterra could finally reach a point where the Void will be introduced and explored, especially because it is one of the regions fans know the least about. The Void has the potential to host a Sentinels of Light-level event with how devastating a war with its forces can be, and there are plenty of champions that could make an appearance as a villain.

League players can also get ready for the game’s newest champion Zeri, who will be making her Summoner’s Rift debut soon.