Rift Herald dropped from base steals player’s kill in League

Shelly won the MVP award today.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve ever wanted to claim a kill from across the map, there’s an easier way than casting a global ability. A clip from Reddit user ManteyCasual showed how to “kill-secure” with Rift Herald from the comfort of your own base in League of Legends.

The League fan was playing Kayle in the top lane, while their friend was playing Warwick in the jungle. Warwick dropped the Rift Herald in their base before wandering back into his jungle.

The Rift Herald made it’s way up into the top lane slowly while Kayle was chipping away at the health of her opponent Tryndamere. As a last-ditch effort, Tryndamere dashed in to clear some minions and to stop Herald from taking his tower plates. But a well-timed auto-attack from Shelly secured the finishing blow on the low-health Tryndamere, giving Warwick their fair share of the kill gold.

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While /allchat isn’t seen in the clip, one thing’s for sure: there was a huge jungle difference in this play with Warwick picking up a kill from the other side of the map while also securing the dragon.