Renata Glasc was picked 9 times during her first week of availability in pro League games

The Chem-Baroness has arrived.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ newest champion, Renata Glasc, made her debut on the professional stage this past week as the game transitioned to Patch 12.4 in competitive leagues around the world. 

This past week, Renata was picked a total of nine times across major and minor regions, according to League stats site Games of Legends. She was selected in two of the four major regions, Europe’s LEC and China’s LPL. The champion was not picked in any LCS games and was still disabled for week seven of Korea’s LCK Spring Split.  

Of the nine games in which Renata made an appearance across the globe, she was on the winning side in only three of them. Two of those wins came while the champion was in the hands of Fnatic support Hylissang, who used the champion to lock up a second-place finish in the LEC Spring Split. Hylissang posted a combined scoreline of 5/3/28 during his two games on Renata this weekend, good enough for a KDA of 11.0.

In addition to her nine picks, Renata was banned out 17 times in games this past week. In total, she’s been involved in just over six percent of all drafts on Patch 12.4, according to Games of Legends. For reference, Zeri, the first League champion of 2022, made an appearance in over 50 percent of all drafts on her debut patch, 12.3. 

As professional leagues around the world begin to move toward their respective Spring Split playoffs, Renata Glasc is expected to be available to her fullest extent, with all players having access to the champion. Major region games will resume tomorrow at 3am CT when Victory Five take on Bilibili Gaming in the LPL.