Rekkles among the top-performing bot laners at Worlds 2020

Fnatic's ADC is a force to be reckoned with.

Photo via Riot Games

Fnatic’s Rekkles has come out of the gates swinging at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship by securing two wins in Group C. His contributions to the team have come from early-game supremacy in the laning phase with his knack for safe, reliable, and supportive champions. 

With the help of Hylissang, Rekkles has scored the highest gold difference at 10 minutes of any player with an astonishing 628 gold, 87 more than second-place DragonX jungler Pyosik and almost twice the gold of Damwon ADC Ghost, according to the League Esports Wiki.

At the 15-minute mark, G2’s Wunder, Gen.G’s Bdd, Damwon’s Canyon, and JGD’s Zoom come out on top, but Rekkles remains the highest-performing ADC in terms of gold difference with an average of 799 gold, beating Top’s JackeyLove to the punch.

These statistics come from just the opening week of the group stage at Worlds 2020, but they say a considerable amount about Fnatic’s proficiency in the bot lane against Gen.G’s Ruler and Life, LGD’s Kramer and Mark, and TSM’s Doublelift and Biofrost.

Rekkles and Hylissang have performed exceptionally in lane, using early-game aggression and level-one trading to their advantage. They’ve gained gold advantages with CS leads, first bloods, and turret plate hits.

Rekkles also has the fifth-highest KDA in the tournament despite favoring Senna, a supportive ADC, and Jhin. 

In terms of damage contribution and kill participation, he falls short, but that says more about Fnatic’s top side focused playstyle than Rekkles as a player. While Bwipo and Selfmade are going to town in the top lane, Rekkles is busy farming gold, picking up experience, pushing down towers, and creating map pressure.

Fnatic will look to secure a spot in the knockout stage of the tournament when they play against TSM, LGD, and Gen.G on Saturday, Oct. 10. 

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