13 May 2016 - 23:22

Reactions to G2 Esports at MSI

Is all the flak G2 got warranted or was there more to it?

G2 Esports, European delegates for the Mid-Season Invitational that was held in China this year after the end of the recent 2016 Spring Split, have failed in their pursuit of a top 4 finish that would guarantee Europe a top seed for the upcoming 2016 League of Legends World Championships that will be held in America near the end of the year. The public reaction (mainly those in Europe) has been negative due to how the team and the company have come out to explain the situation, but why?


The overall consensus and official statement from G2 Esports (for those that do not know) are that they took 2 weeks vacation off because of the ‘mental state of our players’ which fans took as an excuse for the overall poor showing of the team at the start of the tournament. While their performance was not up to the standard of what many would expect of a team to be at the Mid-Season Invitational, the whole backlash of G2 Esports is a tale of many sides with the truth scattered somewhere in between. Fans and viewers were fuming at what they believed to be behavior accredited to a rebellious teenager from a certain player in the team and how the organization came out to try to defend their actions and decisions.


It has been said by a large majority, that G2 Esports had a very lazy and non-competitive mindset to the Mid-Season invitational if the rumors are true and it is all down to internal issues that have been passed around, then the public relations side of the company and the way they handled it are to blame and will just upset fans even more in the long run.


However, by looking at the overall backlash it is not that hard to see why people may think the overall reaction may have gotten a little out of hand. The League of Legends subreddit in particular hounded at G2 Esports, criticizing every play, creating memes to joke at what was happening, scrutinized every small detail and play that was going on up to the very end, even going so far as to single out professional league players twitter accounts that have joined into the debate, trying to suggest that being a professional gamer was such an easy job in relation to other jobs (which it isn't from my experience of looking into the matter, it is much more difficult) and discuss everything that was being said at the point in time.




With everything that G2 did in the run up to MSI and during the competition itself, the reason for the public backlash is more than about pride, seeding, etc. They just made it less fun to watch. When you know a team is not trying or hasn’t tried to prepare, what is the point of watching it? I myself devoted less time to MSI because of the backlash that was going on, it seemed to supersede the entire event. We don’t get an accurate representation of how European teams stack up in the world at the present time and if G2 Esports had just shown up at full power, a tournament like MSI which has been really good to watch could have been even better. But no, people have only focused on the controversy.


Christopher ‘Montecristo Mykles was one of the more active sides of the League of Legends scenes to look at G2 Esports in a nutshell over the tournament and I implore those reading to look up his videos and reactions on the events as they transpired. I would advise however that his comments do get a bit grotesque at times and become littered with swearing and other forms of NSFW so it isn’t for those who get easily offended.


He himself brings up a lot of valid points to the G2 Esports incident, including that which a lot of others have bought up over this time period about G2 Esports and more so, Luka “PerkZ” Perković scathing criticism towards LCS challenger teams. The G2 Esports statement seemed to give the impression that playing against challenger teams would've only made them worse off for the MSI and considering G2 Esports themselves were a challenger team only a year ago, people came out in rage to the cynical attack at the challenger scene which has seen drastic improvements over the years since its creation.


It is in my entirely separate opinion with all that has gone on these past few weeks involving G2 Esports that you cannot put 1 and 1 together with everything that is floating around. May it be the controversy of the situation or the talks of internal problems there is the true blank reality that G2 Esports failed to get Europe a top seed at MSI and it will most likely affect the EU LCS and the team's summer split plans as a whole as we look into what the finalized rosters of all the EU teams will be coming up. Fans are right to feel insulted by the organization and its players for the sheer lack of respect towards everyone, however, a lot has been taken out of context and as such the criticism has gone far beyond what it should've been. I implore the communities of the world to move on from this incident for we as fans do not know the full extent to what goes on behind closed doors. Being an esports pro is a life choice, it is your whole life with no breaks and I implore people to stop resenting and hating on G2 Esports, the deed has been done, move on, as they already have done… hopefully.

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