Raptors will now always properly drop a loot box following the Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14B bug fixes

Some players weren't getting any items after the neutral round.

Image via Riot Games

Even though Teamfight Tactics is extremely popular, the game is still in a beta phase and bugs are sure to pop up. But today, Riot Games has fixed a handful of issues plaguing players in TFT Patch 9.14B, including a bug that made raptors fail to drop any items or gold for a player.

Multiple players and streamers have experienced this glitch, and as expected, the result can be game-changing and extremely frustrating to deal with. At this stage in the game, items are the difference between winning or losing. If the Raptors don’t drop any items, this can dictate the effectiveness of a composition.

Another bug that Riot has fixed is that the Guardian trait won’t randomly disappear after a Guardian dies. This can also be a fight-deciding glitch because the longer your Guardian can tank damage, the longer your DPS champions can attack.

Redemption wasn’t consistently healing units for 1,000 HP, but that bug was ironed out by the developer team, too. Lastly, Guardian Angel will now always activate upon a unit’s death.

There are probably going to be more bugs that will pop up in the future, but Riot has been on the ball with its fixes so far. The team plans to update TFT with smaller, more frequent updates, so these bugs should be few and far between.