Ranking the 5 best LEC supports of the 2021 Spring Split regular season

The support role was stacked in Europe this season.

Photo via Riot Games

The European League of Legends competitive scene has picked up a ton of steam since the start of the season. And with the playoffs right around the corner, it’s time to examine some of the key players to keep an eye on.

Many people think that support is one of the more underrated positions in professional play, but we’ve seen a big rise in superstar supports over the past few seasons. This year has brought a ton of new faces who have made their mark as the backbone of their roster in the support position.

Whether they’re veteran stars or rising talent, support players deserve their praise just as much as the next best mids, junglers, or AD carries. Here are the five best supports from the 2021 LEC Spring Split regular season.

5) Fnatic’s Hylissang

Hylissang has a huge influence on Fnatic’s playstyle as a team, especially with how aggressive they can be in the early stages of their matches. The 25-year-old veteran frequented heavy engage champions like Rell, Alistar, Thresh, and Leona throughout the season and finished the regular season with 160 assists.

When Fnatic succeed, it’s because Hylissang was successful with his playmaking, whether it’s an early dive or a quick skirmish in the jungle. But he sits in fifth in our rankings due to how often he died this split. He was one death away from hitting 100 deaths this spring and had the lowest KDA in the league, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

He also had the lowest kill participation among LEC supports. Although Fnatic have been going through a tough season so far, that’s a shocking number to have on a support who’s constantly been considered one of the best in the region.

The team did announce recently that Hylissang had been playing while sick with COVID-19, so many Fnatic fans hope he’s able to recover soon.

4) MAD Lions’ Kaiser

Although a lot of the spotlight on MAD Lions this split has been squarely placed on their new top side of Armut and Elyoya, Kaiser has quietly been one of the league’s best supports alongside Carzzy.

Similar to Hylissang, Kaiser has also played most of his season on engage champions like Rell, Nautilus, and Leona. But his numbers are a lot better than his Fnatic counterpart. He isn’t the main driving force of the Lions, but with the highest KDA and the second-highest kill participation percentage in his role, Kaiser has become one of the most reliable players on his team.

3) SK Gaming’s Treatz

Not many players in the league have a story like Treatz. The 24-year-old support’s road to the LEC was rough. Through the early years of his career, he spent time on various European orgs before moving to North America, only to get stuck on TSM Academy. After two years in NA purgatory, he made his way back to Europe to finally get a shot at the big time with SK Gaming.

After the 2021 Spring Split, it’s safe to say that Treatz has earned his spot among the best supports in the region. He ended the regular season leading the league with a sky-high 82.4 percent kill participation percentage and the fourth-most assists among LEC supports, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

When SK were on a strong streak in the middle of the season, Treatz was right in the thick of things with strong engage picks like Leona and Rell, while also bringing out Jarvan support as a surprise pocket pick. The team might have ended the split on a weaker note, but Treatz’s rise was a huge reason why SK were in a position to challenge the top five to begin with.

2) Rogue’s Trymbi

It seems fitting that the second-best team in Europe has the second-best support in the league. Trymbi came into the 2021 Spring Split with a ton of pressure on his shoulders. He was a rookie who was replacing a seasoned veteran on a team that had just made Worlds and was looking to make the next jump to superstardom.

After eight weeks, he’s made it known that he has what it takes to stand up to the best the LEC has to offer. He’s slotted in perfectly with Rogue’s star-studded lineup, providing them with a great balance of aggressive playmaking that helps them get early leads.

He has the second-most assists in the league as well as the third-fewest deaths among supports, according to Oracle’s Elixir. He also has the highest first blood rate in his role alongside Hans Sama, who leads all ADCs in the category.

Rogue are the perfect example of a team that plays as a single unit and Trymbi has fit into the war machine with ease. Their early game has only gotten better and their mid-to-late game play has improved with the new players they picked up in the offseason.

1) G2 Esports’ Mikyx

Mikyx paired with Rekkles seems like an unfair combination to have to face off against, but here we are, talking about why Mikyx is the best support in the league. The 21-year-old superstar has shown time and time again why no one should doubt his prowess as a playmaker—and his team flourished as well.

He leads the league in assists and has made a plethora of eye-popping plays that belong in this season’s top 10 list. G2 have so many weapons at hand, but none of them fall to the wayside. They’re all so strong in their own right and Mikyx has remained one of the team’s main initiators whenever they want to get into a skirmish—and G2 love to fight.

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