Ranking Secretlab’s League of Legends-themed chairs

Which Secretlab x League chair caught your eye the most?

Photo via Secretlab

International gaming seat specialist Secretlab is known for its comfortable and ergonomic chairs for the everyday gamer. With a collection of various designs and styles, Secretlab has become a staple for League of Legends fans since its partnership with Riot Games began in 2018. 

Secretlab has a variety of League chairs available that are certain to enhance any gaming setup. With seven different champion options to choose from, picking one chair to use can be tough. Here are all the Secretlab chairs ranked from our least favorite to favorite. 

7) Pyke

Photo via Secretlab

The first entry on the Secretlabs ranking is the Pyke-themed chair. While no entry on this list is bad—in fact, all are great—one needed to be last and by proxy, it’s Pyke’s. The colors do not pop out too well compared to others on this list, and the front of the chair is left to be desired. The back of the chair, while a cool design, is hard to see due to the color scheme. The back of the chair is meant to feature Pyke’s dagger, but it ends up falling short compared to the other chairs. 

Overall, the Pyke chair is a fine option if you are a fan of the champion. If you are looking for a standout design to enhance your gaming setup, however, it may be better to take a pass on this chair instead.

6) Ahri

Photo via Secretlab

Coming in at number six is Ahri’s sleek maroon-colored chair. Ahri’s Secretlab chair is fine for fans of the colors red and white. Light blue undertones to represent Ahri’s orbs would have bumped this chair higher up on this list. Instead, the chair centers around her apparel scheme instead of her abilities like the other chairs on this list. 

The chair’s color scheme is minimal, making it a beautifully colored chair that is simple and effective. The foxtails add a nice subtle touch to the white and maroon-themed chair.

5) Viego

Photo via Secretlab

The Ruined King finds himself at fifth on this list. Choosing between this chair and the next entry was a tough decision, but ultimately Viego fell just short of the fourth-placed spot. The Secretlab Viego edition chair is a solid entry for fans of the formidable Runeterra figure. Nothing about the chair stands out outside of how the design on the back continues into the side of the chair, which is a nice touch. If you’re a fan of a more subtle design, this chair is the one for your gaming setup.

4) Miss Fortune

Photo via Secretlab

Choosing between four and five on this list was a tough decision, but in the end, we gave the nod to Miss Fortune over Viego. The minimalist color scheme of red, back, and white is simple, yet effective. 

What stops us from placing it higher up on the list is the underwhelming design on the back. Of the seven chairs, its back is barely recognizable to Miss Fortune’s themes. While other characters have their signature abilities or a cool art design on the back, Miss Fortune has only smoke. If it had a slightly more compelling backside, it would be in the top three.

3) Jinx

Photo via Secretlab

Although the front design of the Jinx-themed chair is absolutely magnificent, the backside feels random. The rocket’s mostly white design takes away from the chair’s primary colors of blue, pink, and black. That extra fourth color makes the backside feel randomly placed. Still, it would not be third on this list if the chair was bad. It is the strongest front side design and its colors alone should entice anybody who is a fan of the Miami Vice theme.

The Jinx chair is the most unique of the current seven League chairs and is a great choice for anyone drawn to the chair’s design.

2) Akali

Photo via Secretlab

Choosing between first and second was another tough decision. In the end, the Akali chair barely missed out on the coveted No. 1 spot. 

The only issue with the chair is how underwhelming the front side can be. It wasn’t until we took a fourth glance at the front side to notice the sides of it are dark green and not just all black. The subtle hints of green would be fine if the same shade of green was similar to the dragon on the back. While the dragon is our favorite backside design of all the chairs, its front is the most plain. Still, the backside alone was almost enough for it to be the strongest entry on this list.

1) Yasuo

Photo via Secretlab

No. 1 on this list may come as a surprise, but in the top spot is the Yasuo chair from Secretlab.

The Yasuo chair has the most compact look of any of the chairs. The blue ends of the front of the chair accentuate the overall light blue and white look. Furthermore, the classic Yasuo Tornado on the back of the seat is so aesthetically pleasing and fit for a Yasuo main that it is a chair that is hard to pass upon.

The Secretlab Yasuo edition chair really encapsulates Yasuo’s themes of a Wind Samurai and is one of the series’ strongest designs. Everything about the chair comes together to create an overall amazing look.