Ranked Teams: Understanding Lane Swaps

Now even though this part of a guide you can use this information to get a understanding of why pro teams chose to lane swap.

This part is in video only form because of how it happened. This lane swap overview part of the guide was not suppose too happen immediately but I ended up making it in a couple hours after noticing some people didn’t understand lane swaps with Worlds starting up soon. This two part video set was created to help them but after looking over it I thought the videos did a fairly good job of going over lane swaps so I decided to include the videos on Goldper10 with other parts of the guide however I will not be rewriting everything from the videos. I do write down what I say in short hand in the video so I don’t see much of a point and I want to put my focus on  analyzing some group stage games tomorrow. The videos combined are around 60 to 70 minutes long so if you want something to listen to in the background you have something. The videos go over why teams would choose to lane swap, goal(s), pros, cons, and how. It mostly just basic stuff like the last guides but more define lane swap information will happen in different guide parts when I start talking about more specific five man compositions.

The guide parts will be slowing down a little bit now since Worlds is starting. This means more reviews of matches will be picking up again alongside this guide. It was asked if there will ever be a “master page” for this guide to serve as a table contents and there will be once I have created the fifth part. The last thing I will do is apologize to those who prefer having things written. There will not be another part that is only video there will be more written parts in the future.

If there is anything I missed or need to clarify let me know on Twitter or in the Youtube comments.

Part 1

Part 2