Ranked stats and old client return in fan-made website

You can see stats from season one.

Image via Riot Games

Earlier today, a Reddit user brought back the old League of Legends client and a plethora of ranked stats in a website aptly named Timewinder.

In their post, molenzwiebel pointed out that Riot never stopped tracking or storing player stats. Rather, the stats simply disappeared from view when the new client was introduced three seasons ago. That is, until now.

Upon entering molenzwiebel’s website, users enter their Summoner name and region and are taken on a stat filled nostalgic joy-ride. The client looks practically identical to the previous League client complete with burnt paper edges. It even includes a dancing Katarina as the client and data load up.

Screengrab via Timewinder

Thus far it’s able to show data from any player within the EUW, EUNE, NA, LAN, LAS, TR, OCE, BR, RU regions. Molenzwiebel mentioned that due to issues collecting data from the KR, JP and Garena regions, none were included. In addition, like the old client, it’s only capable of showing ranked data, meaning you most likely won’t find your stats if you’ve only ever played normal games.

Furthermore, while the whole client is visible and every tab is clickable, only the “Ranked Stats” section are on the actual website. The other tabs take users to different links. For example, the “Champions” tab forwards to the official list of champions on the League website. After all, the website was made to see old stats, not everything else.

It does, however, show the same exact stats that were available in the old client. And it’s surprisingly robust. For starters, the data goes all the way back to season one and up to season nine. Players can see their overall stats, like their win-loss record for a given season. But there’s also a list of smaller stats, like the amount of penta kills achieved or minions killed. These smaller stats are split between lifetime totals and per-game averages. Additionally, the stats can be filtered by champion.

Despite the simple design of the old client, it holds its own against the current version. Unlike the old client, the current only shows stats from this season and last. It also lays the stats out in a graph format. While it does look fancier, it’s not as easy to see an overall view of an individual’s stats. Players can, however, see data from different game types, including normal games.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Considering the new client just received a stats tab last year and Eternals will be released soon, some are concerned for Timewinder’s longevity. Since it uses data that is no longer readily accessible, some Reddit users have speculated that Riot will have it removed. And according to molenzwiebel, he was told the date they were using could disappear at any time when he registered the project on Riot’s developer portal.