Rank up your Valentine’s Day with Riot’s lovey-dovey merch

All's fair in love and Summoner's Rift.

Image via Riot Games

Roses are red, violets are blue, flowers are great, but League of Legends merch is cool too. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, you can support and surprise a lover with Riot’s new selection of products.

Riot’s 2021 Valentine’s Day collection mostly revolves around two of League‘s finest couples: Rakan and Xayah, plus Lucian and Senna. The Rakan and Xayah Unlocked statues, which are sold separately, are nicely detailed figures of the champions in their default costumes. Those who like to wear their merch can look at their inspired bracelets or a charming T-shirt.

Lucian and Senna express their love in a decidedly more violent approach, having official RockLove necklaces of their signature weapons. Those more attuned to adorable merch can look to pick up DUO figures of the vastayas or the gunslingers.

Aside from these lovers, there’s a wide selection left to browse. Riot has cute plushies featuring the multitude of mascots in the League universe, such as reliable partners-in-crime like Tibbers and Willump or the honey-sweet Beemo. You could also give your partner the loving gaze of Vision and Stealth Ward necklaces.

There’s a variety of adoring gifts you can bestow upon the League fan in your life, so browse Riot’s shop to your heart’s content.

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