16 November 2017 - 17:38

The Predator rune and towers are being buffed next patch—here's why

As the preseason continues, so do tweaks of the new runes.
Image via Riot Games

The Keystone rune Predator and the towers of Summoner's Rift might be buffed in the next patch, according to the latest PBE update and a comment from Riot on the official game forums.

Both buffs are very clearly due to runes. After the new rune system was introduced last week, one type of champion has spiked in popularity over all other types, and no, we don't mean Ezreal.

We're talking about assassins, divers, and pretty much anyone else that can crank up the damage and burst down targets before they have time to blink. Unfortunately, though, the runes geared towards those champs are a little out of balance. Predator, for example, is falling behind the power levels of both Electrocute and even Dark Harvest, one of the least popular runes in the game so far.

The issue isn't so much with Predator's actual raw power, but instead with how often it's usable. Electrocute is up all the time, but Predator is on a three to two minute cooldown. The buff will lower that cooldown to 150-100 seconds, which is 30 to 20 seconds less, depending on your level. That's a significant buff.

Towers are suffering from the new runes as well. With all of these runes that have increased damage to absurd amounts, even for tanks, towers seem extra paper thin lately. That's why they're becoming tankier in Patch 7.23.

If these changes make it through the PBE, they should go live with the patch next week.

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