Post-game Analysis: CLG vs PNG Game 1

P/B: Overall: Pretty typical bans for the most part PNG chose to ban Elise over Lulu CLG ban Malphite for the 2nd game in a row CLG 1st pick – Lulu: PNG banned Elise over Lulu so CLG get Lulu 2nd game in a row PNG 1st picks – Orianna/Re...



  • Overall:
    • Pretty typical bans for the most part
    • PNG chose to ban Elise over Lulu
    • CLG ban Malphite for the 2nd game in a row 
  • CLG 1st pick – Lulu: PNG banned Elise over Lulu so CLG get Lulu 2nd game in a row
    • PNG 1st picks – Orianna/Rek’Sai: safe mid laner
  • CLG 2nd picks – Lee Sin/Braum: Lee Sin picked over Xmithie’s most played Gragas; Braum picked over Alistar when CLG could run almost the same comp as last game
    • PNG 2nd picks – Annie/Kalista: strong Bot Lane duo, reliable engage
  • CLG 3rd picks – Tristana/Olaf: Tristana counters Kalista; Olaf blind picked, could’ve gone Fiora since Darius was banned
    • PNG 3rd pick – Gnar: seems to be the go-to pick against juggernauts 

It seems the few games Lulu sneaks through bans, she’s always played mid lane since Top Laners play juggernauts. She isn’t really a flex anymore, but she’s still a safe, well-rounded mid laner. CLG got a lot of comfort picks, most notably Tristana for Doublelift and Olaf for ZionSpartan so good drafting by them. They have banned Malphite 2 games in a row for no real reason other than trying to avoid hard engage; PNG counter this with Kalista + Annie. 

CLG comp:

  • “Juggermaw” comp with either Tristana or Olaf
  • No reliable engage
  • Good disengage with Braum + Lulu
  • Good split push threat in Olaf
  • Decent wave clear
  • Strong siege potential
  • Lane swap probably wanted
  • Win Condition: use Lee Sin’s strong early game to get Olaf ahead, use Tristana’s fast push power to take early towers, group by mid game for objectives 

PNG comp:

  • Team-fighting comp
  • Big front-line
  • Good engage potential with Annie
  • No disengage
  • Weak wave clear
  • Kalista brings objective securing power for baron/dragon
  • Can split push with Gnar or Rek’Sai
  • Want to lane 2v2
  • Win Condition: bully early game with Kalista + Annie, need vision control advantage to pick enemies off with Annie engage, group mid game for objectives, must kill Tristana in team fights 

Items/Build paths:

  • Xmithie’s Lee Sin: I’ve noticed more Junglers building DMP over Randuin’s Omen, seems nice for helping with engage with fairly equal stats
  • Pobelter’s Lulu: I’ve been arguing the TP mid is better than combat summoners and Pobelter made a great example of why
  • Aphromoo seemed to be building Randuin’s Omen, kind of odd for a Support
  • CLG didn’t build Aegis or Zeke’s
  • Mylon’s Gnar builds Black Cleaver over Frozen Mallet since you can’t kite Olaf
  • Kami’s Orianna: Zhonya’s might have been better 2nd item considering Olaf was diving him in the back line often
  • brTT’s Kalista: late Hurricane hurt PNG’s wave clear
  • Dioud’s Annie: good early Talisman purchase helped PNG a lot and made his engages better 

Execution in Game:

  • CLG invade top side, jump onto SirT’s Rek’Sai but PNG waiting in brush to counter engage; CLG win team fight 2 kills for 1
    • Annie stun hits 3, but Braum passive too good level 1
    • Gnar gets extra boots to start; Lulu gets wards; Braum didn’t back so didn’t spend extra money
  • Standard lane match-ups (both Bot Lanes are top)
  • ~7:50 min: CLG lane swap, Rush Hour ganks Mylon’s Gnar for kill
    • CLG get bot outer tower
    • Rush Hour gets deep vision in PNG blue buff jungle, rotate mid for gank onto Kami’s Orianna for successful kill
    • CLG get mid outer tower
    • ZionSpartan and Xmithie hold top lane against PNG Bot Lane push
  • ~10:50 min: PNG finally get top outer tower
  • ~11:30 min: CLG take 1st dragon
  • ~12 min: CLG Bot Lane rotates top for last outer tower; PNG Bot Lane rotates bot lane and take bot outer tower
  • ~13:20 min: PNG steal red buff after taking bot outer tower, CLG collapse on them with great Braum ult by Aphromoo; CLG win fight 3 kills for 0
    • CLG push mid and take mid inner turret; Xmithie catches out Kami’s Orianna for another kill
  • ~15:30 min: CLG group and push bot inner turret, pressure all lanes forces PNG back freeing up CLG to take 2nd dragon
  • CLG push 1/3/1, eventually get bot inner turret
  • ~20:20 min: CLG’s deep vision in PNG’s red buff side allows for double TP engage, Lulu buffs Olaf who dives in and kills Kami’s Orianna
    • CLG bait baron then engage, Xmithie killed while trying to flank but CLG get kill onto Mylon’s Gnar
  • ~22:40 min: CLG bait baron but PNG simply push mid and get mid outer tower; CLG arrive in time to defend mid inner tower then chase down and engage
    • Xmithie kicks SirT into team followed by Aphromoo catching out Kami
    • PNG choose to counter engage but slight misplay as Kalista pulls Annie out after she flashed in – PNG able to land 3-man Shockwave into Kalista knock-up into Annie Tibbers including Doublelift and Pobelter but Aphromoo’s great Braum shield negates most of the follow up
    • ZionSpartan charges the back line and kills Orianna
    • Super late TP by Mylon’s Gnar
    • CLG win fight 3 kills for 2; CLG get mid inhibitor tower
  • ~24:15 min: PNG respond by taking their 1st dragon but CLG collapse and get 2 kills for 0
    • CLG hesitate with baron, decide to back off; ZionSpartan shoves mid forcing Rek’Sai to ult back to defend inhibitor (CLG TP advantage), CLG move back to baron
    • PNG spread out behind baron pit while ZionSpartan zoned away
    • Dioud’s Annie engages while CLG back off baron, PNG too far away to follow up; another great Braum ult by Aphromoo prevents PNG from diving in, CLG chase down PNG members plus great cut off TP by ZionSpartan; CLG win fight 5 kills for 2, take mid and bot inhibitors
  • ~30 min: CLG’s vision control has been impeccable, bait baron and engage again, CLG win fight 3 kills for 0 

CLG’s dominate vision control and teamwork was no match for PNG. Another game with a crazy level 1 fight. Surprisingly CLG pulled out on top despite Annie landing a 3-man stun. PNG’s Bot lane did pretty well early game and was able to zone out Doublelift from some CS. CLG simply lane swapped once DL had enough for BF sword, got a kill on Gnar, and took bot outer tower. SirT spent most of his time ganking for his Bot Lane, but Aphromoo did a great job of negating ganks with Braum’s shield. Xmithie meanwhile ganked for ZionSpartan, but never amounted to much. I have been super impressed with Pobelter’s play so far at Worlds and he plays Lulu to her max potential. From the beginning of the game, he abused the level 2 power spike to bully Kami in lane and never let up. He spent the gold from the level 1 fight on wards for his team and was still able to dominate mid lane. PNG couldn’t keep up with CLG’s strong rotational play early game where they send Rush Hour to take every outer tower. After taking the last outer tower, CLG made a great collapse onto PNG after they responded with a tower trade at around ~13:20 minutes in. Aphromoo consistently had great Braum ults that landed on multiple members, so this was the first of many that led to CLG winning team fights. These kills allowed CLG to take inner towers and accelerate the mid game where they have traditionally struggled. CLG did a great job of following this up by maintaining deep vision control in PNG’s jungle and pressuring the entire map with 1/3/1 split pushing. CLG was much more decisive in their calls this game and even made great double TP ganks. They looked much improved from their first game even if it was against easier opponents. CLG’s suffocating vision control meant PNG constantly had to face check for baron which CLG rarely attempted and simply used to force fights repeatedly. PNG played a decent game, but the vision control led to bad decision after bad decision. Kami was PNG’s biggest weak point this game as his score showed. He was bullied in lane by Pobelter then always the one caught out in team fights. Mylon was often late to fights, but overall did a pretty good job of having Gnar bar in the right spot for fights. Dioud did a great job of always focusing Doublelift in fights, but the team could never follow up since Kami was always on the retreat. Great game by CLG with impeccable vision control and decisive shot-calling.



Normal gold distribution, but CLG’s were more balanced this game than their first helping ZionSpartan be more effective. PNG was slightly low on ADC gold distribution. brTT needed Hurricane sooner to help with wave clear when dealing with CLG’s 1/3/1 split push.


Typical CLG with Doublelift leading the way. PNG was similar, but their positioning for team fights was lacking. Aphromoo soaked up a ton of damage with Braum’s shield to keep Doublelift alive despite some good engages. No one was able to stop Olaf from wrecking PNG’s back line. PNG got many members of CLG low, but couldn’t pull off kills in fights.


CLG purchased 20 pink wards vs PNG’s 14. Pobelter bought 6 pink wards himself, as much as Aphromoo, showing how much of a team player he is.

Statistics pulled from match history and All credit goes to them.