Poppy knocks Fiddlesticks back to base a split second after he uses his ultimate

That's a swift reaction.

Image via Riot Games

With over 150 champions, League of Legends is a game with numerous fun and bizarre interactions. Most of them include champion ultimate abilities since they are the most interactive and unique in the game.

One of the more interesting ultimates is Poppy’s. The Keeper of the Hammer possesses a skill named Keeper’s Verdict, which basically allows her to send a powerful strike. Enemies who are hit by it are blown away and pushed back a considerable distance, which takes them out of the fight.

That’s exactly what happened in a clip posted by a player called benbunny on Reddit. In one of his games, he almost instantly canceled Fiddlesticks’ valiant effort to save his team from demise.

In the video, Poppy’s squad is pushing through the enemies’ bot lane and are battling in a skirmish under their inhibitor turret. At first, the fight was fairly even, however, the enemy Fiddlesticks had yet to the fray. The Ancient Fear hid behind the wall and was trying to make a flashy entrance by using his Crowstorm (R) into Poppy’s team.

But, what he didn’t know, was that Poppy was in the middle of channeling her ultimate. Unknowingly, Fiddlesticks teleported with his Crowstorm right when Poppy was releasing her Keeper’s Verdict, which immediately threw him back behind his inhibitor.

It looks like this play was crucial for Poppy’s team since they won the game around 50 seconds later, according to op.gg.

Players should remember to watch out before flashing and teleporting into the enemy team when they’re playing against Poppy. Chances are you’ll be send straight back home by the champion.