PEACE outlast RED Canids in 5-game battle of attrition at Worlds 2021 to book a spot in the final play-in series against Cloud9

The series swung back and forth in each match.

Photo via Riot Games/Getty Images

After a five-game battle against the CBLOL’s RED Canids today, the LCO’s PEACE have won the chance to play in another best-of-five series against Cloud9 tomorrow to decide who will enter the main event of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship.

Throughout all five games, PEACE and RED Canids showed the willingness to fight in any situation. They weren’t scared to commit teleports, summoner spells, and ultimates for random skirmishes. But in many moments, both squads became overzealous with their aggression. In fact, the second game of the series was the bloodiest game of Worlds so far with a combined kills per minute of 1.51, according to LoL Esports Stats.

There were clear carries for both sides. RED’s young AD carry TitaN made some superstar-level plays on champions like Ezreal and Aphelios, while PEACE’s duo of Tally and Babip was ready to power their way through to the next round of the tournament.

Almost every game seemed to be lopsided for one team, with each roster trying to find an early lead to snowball into the mid-to-late game. Four of the five matches lasted under 27 minutes because whenever either side was able to find a significant advantage, the other team couldn’t land a counterpunch to stabilize.

In the final game of the series, a critical mistake in the opening moments of game five sealed the Canids’ fate at Worlds when multiple members of RED died after overextending to poke out their opponents in the bottom lane. Another 12 minutes later, the Brazilian hopefuls tried for a last-ditch engage near the dragon pit, only to be met with a perfect rotation by the OCE representatives. They were aced as a result and the game was practically finished from that moment on.

It’s a disappointing end for RED since they were only one game away from making it to the next round. PEACE, on the other hand, will need to fix up the problems that cropped up over this series. Throughout the match, they gave away tempo, overextended, and made some unforced errors that allowed RED to stay in the game. They need to clean up their play in a big way if they want to take down C9 in tomorrow’s main event decider.

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