PawN to miss part of LCK Summer Split to recover from injury

Ucal will be KT Rolster's sole mid laner for part of summer.

Screengrab via SPOTV

After a year and a half as KT Rolster’s starting mid laner, Heo “PawN” Won-seok will take a short break from competitive play, according to a report by Korean publication, FOMOS.

PawN won’t play for part of the upcoming LCK Summer Split in order to rest and treat his physical injuries, FOMOS said in its report.

While PawN’s injuries aren’t specified in the article, the mid laner has dealt with back problems since 2015 when he was on EDward Gaming. These back issues have caused PawN to miss many regular season and playoff matches, and have continued to persist even after his return to the LCK in 2017.

KeSPA confirmed PawN’s absence with its release of the complete rosters for every LCK team earlier today. Only Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon is listed in KT’s mid lane position on the KeSPA graphic, confirming that he’ll inherit the starting position from PawN this summer.

For those who watched the Spring Split, though, Ucal’s ascent to the starting lineup comes as no surprise. Ucal was ever present for KT Rolster during the spring playoffs. PawN, on the other hand, wasn’t in attendance for either of the team’s two playoff matches.

Although PawN isn’t listed on KT’s LCK roster, the mid laner remains a part of KT on Riot Games’ Global Contract Database, further assuring that he’ll return to the lineup later this summer.

KT ended the Spring Split in third place, losing to Afreeca Freecs in the playoff semifinal. KT return to the LCK stage for their 2018 summer debut on June 13, when they face Jin Air Green Wings.