Odoamne leads Rogue to a quick win over Astralis in sixth week of 2021 LEC Summer Split

The top laner dominated his laning opponent on Camille and was a threat throughout the entire game.

Photo via Riot Games

Rogue picked up a quick 27-minute win over Astralis today to finish their sixth week of the 2021 LEC Summer Split in dominant fashion.

Odoamne led the charge for Rogue in the top lane during this League of Legends series. He picked Camille and destroyed his laning opponent on Mundo, who couldn’t do anything to survive the damage Odoamne was constantly outputting. After picking up a huge lead in the top lane, Odoamne turned to split push and occasionally joined his team to burst down the AST’s carries. He picked up the MVP vote with 52.8 percent over Hans Sama and Trymbi, who had a great performance as well in today’s match.

Rogue went for a dive-heavy composition with Camille, Xin Zhao, Irelia, and Leona. They also picked up Ziggs for the backline as a carry, however, in case their tactic wouldn’t work out. The high-range AP carry provided a lot of damage for his team and helped them siege towers by providing good zone control. From the get-go, Rogue was able to secure a gold lead through superior farming across all members.

After both teams played passively for around 15 minutes, the action started with members from both teams teleporting to join during the skirmishes that were happening all across the map. The game quickly went out of control as teams picked up 13 kills across the board in just three minutes.

Odoamne picked up the most kills in these encounters, acquiring an item advantage over Mundo and taking over the game with his powerful, unmatched split push. Though AST had a couple of decent attempts to come back into the game, they failed in the end, since Rogue had an item advantage and a better performance in teamfights.

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