Nunu invisibility bug still plaguing League of Legends

The boy and his Yeti have been practicing magic tricks.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans thought they saw the end of the Nunu invisibility bug after nobody reported it for a couple months. Well, it’s back.

One fan posted a video on Reddit today that shows the boy and his Yeti appearing out of thin air to execute a devastating gank.

The fan tried to run to the safety of their turret after being engaged by the enemy Riven when a snowball knocked them up and the abominable duo materialized out of nowhere.

This has been an ongoing issue for months that Riot seemingly fixed. One player broke down exactly how the bug works in a Reddit post four months ago.

“The bug is connected to Hunter’s Talisman/passive burn (perhaps other kinds of DoT effects too) and its interaction with basic attacks and triggering of Nunu’s passive,” the player said. “If you get vision on Nunu at any point earlier in the game, he will not end up ganking you with this bug.”

Essentially, if no one gets vision on the enemy Nunu in the early game and he has a Hunter’s Talisman, then the boy and Yeti will be invisible for their first gank.

Riot has yet to acknowledge the resurfacing of the bug, but it’ll likely try to remove it before Worlds 2019.