New Teamfight Tactics items Sparring Gloves and Neeko’s Help appear on the PBE

There might be a bit more RNG to worry about.

Image via Riot Games

New Teamfight Tactics items are now available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

Riot Games has added a new item component called Sparring Gloves into the mix. But because of how items work in the game, Sparring Gloves will be a requirement for several other items.

Sparring Gloves gives a champion a 10-percent dodge chance as well as a 10-percent crit chance when wielded. It’ll make Glacials a little easier to dodge.

Sparring Gloves will be needed to make Thief’s Gloves, Hand of Justice, Infinity Edge, Arcane Gauntlet, Quicksilver, Iceborne Gauntlet, Backhand, Repeating Crossbow, and Mittens. More details about the item recipes involving Sparring Gloves can be found on Surrenderat20.

Another new item called Neeko’s Help can drop if you’re lucky. Neeko’s Help is a consumable item that adds a one-star copy of a selected champion to your bench. If your bench is full, Neeko won’t be able to copy a champion until you make a spot available.

Sword of the Divine has also been removed from the game entirely. These changes are expected to hit the live servers in Patch 9.18.