New League of Legends skin shard is available for Prime Gaming users until Nov. 6

Here's another shot.

Screengrab via Amazon

There’s another chance to bag yourself a free League of Legends skin if you have Amazon Prime. 

Players need to link their Amazon Prime account with their Riot account to be eligible for this offer. This mystery skin shard can then be redeemed on the Prime Gaming website and click “Claim” on Oct. 30. Then the skin shard will be automatically placed in the Loot tab in the League client, which can then be opened. 

Screengrab via Prime Gaming

The mystery skin shards are random, so players could obtain a skin for a Champion they don’t even own. Players then have multiple options on what’s next. Either re-roll the skin when combined with two other random skins, disenchant the skin into essence, activate rental, or upgrade to permanent. There is also another option for those that need to purchase the Champion. 

Players can get this shard for free by signing up to Amazon Prime on a free trial. Players could then opt out of the membership at any point, unless customers wish to stay on the service, which costs $12.99 a month or $119 a year, but the service is discounted for students. 

The next skin shard will be available on Nov. 19 and then Dec. 3. But before then players can obtain a mystery bonus item on Nov. 6 with Prime Gaming, all of which can be redeemed on the Prime Gaming website