New League music group skin minis leaked for Senna, Akali, Yasuo, Ekko, and Qiyana

Get ready for some True Damage.

Image via Riot Games

There have been plenty of rumors and speculation around the next hit virtual music group coming to Riot Games’ League of Legends. But new leaks have suddenly revealed the name of the group and all of the champions involved.

A leaked image shows off a new lineup of League minis featuring Yasuo, Akali, Ekko, Qiyana, and Senna—the newest champion to join the game’s expanding roster. The name of the new virtual group was also revealed to be True Damage on the leaked graphic.

Image via Spideraxe30

This image also corroborates another low-resolution image of supposed True Damage merchandise that was leaked yesterday. Additionally, a leaked splash art from two months ago matches Senna’s look in her supposed True Damage outfit.

Image via Riot Games

Some people are up in arms after finding out that Akali is receiving another skin only two months after getting her last one. Most fans are also wondering how she’ll fit into True Damage if she’s still in Riot’s first virtual music group, K/DA.

Her K/DA skin bio does explain how she’d perform in two groups. Riot said that she “makes appearances next to other street performers in cities she is visiting,” while also “[returning] to her roots whenever she can.”

Even though there are some reservations about the champion choices, the designs of the skins still look great, as usual. True Damage’s look is quite different from K/DA’s, with the new cosmetics showing off more of a street style compared to K/DA’s gold and leather costumes.