New League champion Nilah set to receive Star Guardian skin at launch

A joyful star is on the horizon

Image via Riot Games

The newest League of Legends champion Nilah is coming to the Rift next month. And when she does, her first skin will be a stellar one.

The Joy Unbound will receive a Star Guardian skin as her first cosmetic, making Nilah the first champion to become a part of that universe at release. 

Riot recently unveiled the teaser for the new champion coming to League, and only three days later shocked fans with news of an upcoming Star Guardian event. The two trailers were too close to one another not to be connected, and as many fans predicted, Nilah will be receiving a Star Guardian skin. Not much is known about the Joy Unbound besides the fact that she likes to hunt down epic monsters to save people and has traveled far away from her home to do so, something that fits well with the Star Guardian idea of cosmic protectors. 

League fans are invited to return to the city of Valoran next month to meet new faces, among which there will be a truly joyous newcomer. It’s not yet revealed what role Nilah will have in the story, but based on her outfit, League fans can assume she is not a part of the fallen and corrupted stars, like Rakan, Xayah, and Zoe. 

Nilah will bring her colorful laughter and her Star Guardian skin to the Rift with Patch 12.13 on July 13. As Riot gets ready to unveil what it has prepared for the return of one of League’s most beloved skin lines, fans can imagine what immense joy the new event will bring to them.