Meet Your Makers returns to the LCS with Supa Hot Crew pick up

The Supa Hot Crew will have new digs and two new players heading into the 2015 season of the League Championship Series

The Supa Hot Crew will have new digs and two new players heading into the 2015 season of the League Championship Series.

Old school esports organization Meet Your Makers is diving into League of Legends once again, picking up the third place LCS team from last season.

The move comes months after a rumored deal between the parties ran into a potential snag in September, when Supa Hot Crew sponsor Acer had no idea the team was leaving. Today the transfer is through, and the core lineup gets two new additions.

Joining Marcin “SELFIE” Wolski in the mid lane, Mimer Ahlström in the top lane, and marksman Rasmus “MrRallez” Skinneholm are Korean jungler Cho “H0r0“ Jae-hwan and support player Nicolai Nisbeth.

Cho moved to Europe to compete on former LCS squad Millenium in the promotion tournament, but the team failed in their bid to return to the LCS, leaving the old SK Telecom T1 S jungler a free agent.

“Signing H0R0 as jungler might be something surprising for many people but we are sure that his deep in-game knowledge and his experience in OGN will help the team to keep improving,” MeetYourMakers general manager Sebastian Rotterdam said. “We are looking forward to the LCS Spring Split and hope that the team will be as successful as other teams were under the MYM tag.”

Of course, the last MeetYourMakers League of Legends team, a Polish squad featuring recent Gambit Gaming stand-in Jakub “Kubon” Turewicz, ranked last place in the Summer season of the LCS in 2013 with an 8-20 record. But this version of MYM looks to have a brighter future, if they can integrate Cho into the lineup properly.

The core trio of Supa Hot Crew each put together solid seasons last split, with Wolski breaking record for total CS in an LCS season. Mimer emerged as one of the most impactful top laners in the league last season, while Skinneholm put together a number of impressive, if sometimes inconsistent, performances. They key will be if Cho can really replace released jungler Matt “Impaler” Taylor. Taylor may not be the most mechanically talented player, but his leadership and communication may be missed.

Either way, it’s a good day for Meet Your Makers. The esports organization dates back to 2000, but it’s struggled to maintain a profile as high as it had during the heyday of WarCraft 3. With a solid team back in the biggest esports league on the planet, they’re back.

Screengrab via LoLesports/YouTube